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Back from OryCon!

I made it back this morning, sleep-deprived but surprisingly not at all hungover. I had a great time at this year's convention, and went to about half the panels I wanted to. (Though I never did make it to the filk room).
Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Geeks Without Borders table, and our room party Saturday night - it was a total blast. A couple of musicians came by and played drums and trumpet so we had live music - way cool, and almost made up for the lack of filk. It was good to run the Belter party again Friday night. It was replaced with Retleb last year, which was fun, but not the same thing. I don't think we'll do a Geeks Without Borders table next year. It was fun, and I do appreciate the Con-Com's coordinating it (you guys totally rock - if anyone is reading this, thank you for putting together such a great convention!) and making it possible, I just missed too much of the rest of the con sitting at our table. I hardly got to the Hospitality suite at all. Plus, that'll give me the chance to volunteer next year, which I haven't before...
Anyone here who I met at the con? I was the bartender at the Belter Party, and the guy in the blue lab coat at the GWoB party.
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