Bill (uraniun235) wrote in orycon,

Masquerade Ball

Er, what exactly constitutes an "Italian country party theme"? Is that the theme of everyone's mask or is that the theme of the decorations, or both?
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It means that the attendants will be spray painted, alternately, green, white, or red when they enter the room. Wear something that washes well.
I think it means we must all wear boots and will be splashing through puddles the size of the mediterranean.
--and ride Vespas. We have to ride Vespas, and say, in a voice rich with nonchalance, "ciao!"
This is all most comforting. I was afraid that it entailed enlisting in the Italian army and invading Denmark, or something similarly nonsensical.
I was hoping it meant Gelato. mmMmmmmmm . . . . Gelato.