Dmitri (winneganfake) wrote in orycon,

Well, HELOOOOOO Orycon!

Hey everybody, as one of the vendors for this year's convention, I figured I'd just pipe up real quick and give you guys a small sneak peek of what we'll be bringing down with us to the show:

Tormented Artifacts: handmade, custom-made, and spellbinding.

Masks and Gasmasks:From echoes of the oldest stories to beauty wrenched from modern nightmares, traditional methods in the service of decidedly untraditional design result in pieces as stunning to display as they are transformative to wear.

Props, Accessories, and Curiosities:Relics from a time that never was, these one-of-a-kind pieces are guaranteed to evoke curiosity, compliments, and even a little envy--assuming they don't first invoke something else.

Prints:Eerie, lovely, and occasionally funny, digital art that conjures in two dimensions what cannot (or perhaps should not) exist in three.

Whether it's a breathtaking mask or a unique prop, a piece from Tormented Artifacts makes a perfect addition to any costume or art collection.

Want to make sure we'll have an item from the site ready for you at the show? Tormented Artifacts is now accepting pre-orders to be delivered at Orycon. Simply make an order via our website, and when sending payment via Paypal, enter into the notes that you'll be picking up your purchase at the con- we'll make sure to reserve the item for you for pickup on the day of your choice while you're at the show.
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